Adventures Archery


Rules will be strictly enforced.

  1. All participants must attend the mandatory captain’s meeting At Adventures Archery on or before August 28st, 2014.

  2. Event shirts, which must be worn while bowhunting, will be provided at this meeting. A complete copy of rules and regulations will be provided at the mandatory captain’s meeting.

  3. All entries must be harvested with bowhunting equipment. Exceptions are allowed for Rod and Reel snagging of alligator followed by harvest by Bow or Crossbow.

  4. The allowed bowhunting period for this tournament is from August 22nd, 2014 at 4 PM until November 1st, 2014 at 4 PM. Bowhunting will only be permitted during legal hunting hours.

  5. All valid entries must be brought to Adventures Archery for official scoring by 5 PM on November 1st, 2014. Official time is kept by the tournament officials at the weigh in site.

  6. The official awards ceremony will be at Adventures Archery during the Fall Archery Festival, and Swap Meet November 22nd, 2014 from 9 AM until 5 PM.

  7. All legal navigable Florida freshwater and brackish water sources are acceptable for the tournament. This may include both private and public waters. Private waters must be hunted on legally, without trespass. However, you must adhere to your legal permitted zone.

  8. All contestants must declare their hunting location and zone on their entry form.

  9. Scouting may be done at any time prior to the tournament.

  10. Participants will be permitted to hunt from shore, bridges or docks, wading or by boat.

  11. All entries are validated through texted pictures and videos sent at the time of harvest to the provided number or e-mail with participants wearing provided event shirts. There must be video of each alligator harvested for score to validate the hunt. Weigh-ins not accompanied with video will be disqualified. NO VIDEO, NO ENTRY, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  12. Each participant/team must be properly registered for the tournament in order to participate.

  13. Cancellation requests must be received 72 hours in advance to the starting date of the tournament. Any preregistered individual not show up will be considered forfeit.

  14. Teams must be in only one boat or on foot, maximum of two shooters at any time, points and awards will be assigned to the two registered team members.

  15. Alligator Guides or others with permits will be permitted to enter and/or be used. However, all boaters assisting with the harvest are required to have a $50 FWC permit and follow all regulations.

  16. Non-team members, family or guides are allowed to assist with transportation, navigating the boat, transporting alligators, shining lights, but only two shooter are allowed at any time.

  17. Boats are not required to be at weigh in.

  18. The following procedure must be followed in order to complete weigh in and to determine tournament winners. You may shoot more than one alligator, but you will only be able to count the below listed number of alligators for the tournament. You must select your largest alligator(s) ahead of time and be prepared for the weigh in.

      1. Individual Entries: Adult/16-13/12 & Under, 1 Alligator

      2. Team Entries, 2 Alligators

  19. All contestants must bring their alligator(s) to Adventures Archery to be officially measured. Please call before bringing your alligator in. If it is before or after business hours, entries may call Al’s Meats at (813) 299-6153 and arrange a time to bring their alligator(s) to Al’s Meats for official weigh in. All entries will need to be photographed in front of the official banner for the tournament.

  20. Entrants must have a legal tag in their name with each weighed in alligator. If the tag is not registered to the entrant, they must have a completed and signed affidavit at the time at weigh in.

  21. Each contestant must submit a photo of the alligator taken during the measurement process in front of the official banner for the tournament. The tape measurer must be visible and legible in the photograph. Please try to take high quality photographs.The contestant is responsible for supplying the camera at the measurement location.

  22. All alligators will be measured laying on the ground or flat surface. Hanging alligators will not be accepted for measurement.

  23. Measurements will be taken for length (nose to end of tail) and girth at the widest point to the nearest 1/8th of an inch.

  24. The formula used to determine overall measurement will be:


  25. Weigh in measurements must be recorded on weigh in slips, with all information signed and filled out. Signed affidavits must accompany weigh in slips when applicable.

  26. Any alligators shot to be brought in for weigh in must be photographed and e-mailed/texted to the provided address and/or phone number before being brought in for weigh in.

  27. Order of weigh in for entrants will be first come, first serve. Please remain in a single file line and be patient while waiting to be weighed in.

  28. Payout and prizes will ultimately be determined by the number of entries.

  29. Adventures Archery and the CBA reserve the right to administer a polygraphs upon request. Refusal to do so upon request will result in disqualification from this event without a refund.

  30. Polygraph testing will be on site.

  31. Adventures Archery and the CBA reserve the right to administer a boat inspection upon request. Refusal to allow any boat inspection upon request will result in disqualification from this event without a refund.

  32. Each boat must be in safe running condition and possess the proper safety equipment.

  33. All boats must have proper registration papers and registration numbers.

  34. All boats must be in compliance with all state and federal regulations regarding watercrafts.

  35. Each team will be allowed the use of one boat during the tournament. The use of multiple boats by one team will not be permitted.

  36. Boat type does not determine entry class. This is not a factor.

  37. All fishing/hunting rules and regulations through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission must be respected by participants. This includes seasons, bag limits, and size regulations. Any violation of these regulations may result in significant fines and/or penalties by an FWC Officer. We reserve the right to contact the proper authorities, if need be. If you are unsure of the regulations regarding any species, do NOT shoot them. Any alligators that break FWC regulations will not be permitted on site. It is the participants responsibility to be aware of size, bag limits, legal species, and proper seasons. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  38. Any violation of Florida State Law Enforcement, DOT or Fish and Game Department will automatically disqualify any participants from the tournament.

  39. Dumping or culling of alligators into water or on land violates FL Criminal littering law and will result in disqualification.

  40. Alligator disposal will NOT be available at the weigh in and must be taken care of by tournament contestants.

  41. Each participant must have a proper state hunting license and permit.

  42. We will only accept alligators that are legal to shoot in Florida waters.

  43. Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are prohibited on site at Adventures Archery.

  44. Alligator entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow, or crossbow) and single point arrow only. Alligators must show evidence of being shot with a bow.

  45. No hollow shaft hunting arrows may be used during the tournament.

  46. No fish points or arrows with explosives or shocking devices will be permitted.

  47. No dip nets or gigs will be permitted. Gaff hooks with a single hook will be permitted only to land big fish, but must not exceed 60” in length.

  48. All arrows must have a line attached to them for retrieval.

  49. Transferring of alligators between participants will result in immediate disqualification of all participants involved.

  50. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. All participants are expected to be respectful, courteous, and polite to other competitors and other non competitors fishing or boating. Any participant showing poor sportsmanship, heated arguments, etc. will be warned by tournament staff. Altercations will not be permitted. Tournament officials have the right to ask any person exhibiting this behavior to leave the tournament grounds and or disqualify participants if they do not comply with any tournament rules.

  51. Adventures Archery and the Competitive Bowhunter’s Association have the right to change and enforce rules as deemed necessary.

  52. Adventures Archery and the Competitive Bowhunter’s Association have the right to deny entry and/or disqualify any participant at any time in the name of safety and integrity of this tournament series.

  53. Any accusation of a participant cheating must be accompanied by a $100 protest fee and solid irrefutable evidence of such actions. For example, photographs, videos, etc. Any protests must be made to officials at least two hours prior to the awards ceremony (4 PM). If tournament officials agree with such a protest, the $100 protest fee will be refunded and accused team will be disqualified for cheating.

  54. Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned tournament rules will result in disqualification without any refund.

  55. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be held liable for accidents, lost or stolen property. Tournament officials, organizers, supporters, and affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, or damages that occur while handling stingrays and/or other fish.

  56. Ties: If there are any ties in the overall measurement in any category, the winner will be determined by the largest girth of (1) alligator. In either case, if the tie is still not broken, the first alligator scored will be the winner.

  57. All decisions regarding the tournament and/or tournament results will be made by tournament officials and are final.

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