Joey Polk tries to be inconspicuous while filling up with a giant mako shark in his truck; photo by West Calhoun


Florida anglers who had hoped to avoid publicity after catching a giant mako shark from the beach last week might have succeeded had they not stopped for gas on the way home–with the enormous predator spilling from the bed of their pickup truck.


News spread not long after West Calhoun, a passerby, sent a photo of the shark to the Pensacola News-Journal. The News Journal posted the image on its Facebook page, with no details, and the peculiar image was so widely shared and discussed that the newspaper tracked down one of the anglers and, a day later, reported that the catch could set a world record for shore-based fishing.


Cousins Earnie and Joey Polk hooked the shortfin mako in the dark morning hours, on a Gulf Coast beach near Navarre. The apex predator, reeled in with heavy tackle after an hour-long struggle, weighed 805 pounds and measured 11 feet.


“That’s probably the best fish we ever caught,” Earnie Polk said. “You’ll spend many, many hours to catch a fish of that caliber, or a fish of that size.”



Generic shortfin mako shark image is via Wikipedia



The International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association, which encourages catch and release and accepts tape measurements with estimated weights, recognizes a 674-pound mako caught by Earnie Polk in 2009 as the current record. Earnie and Joey also teamed to make that catch.

For the sake of comparison, the largest mako caught on rod and reel from a boat weighed 1,221 pounds, according to the International Game Fish Association. That catch was in 2001 off Massachusetts.

Presumably, the Polks hoped to keep news of their latest catch quiet because the shark-conservation movement has become so vocal in recent years. Sharks are slow to reproduce and vulnerable to overfishing, and many species are believed to be in steep decline.

The image was shared nearly 3,000 times, and while many of the comments were critical of the Polks, some were in support of the anglers. Fishing for mako sharks off Florida, after all, is not illegal.

The Polks explained that they kept the shark because it had become so weary during the fight, and they did not think it could swim back to sea.

So they trucked the predator home and planned a family feast.

“It’s about $10 per pound at the fish market,” Earnie Polk said. “It sells right along with tuna and swordfish. Between all of us, there won’t be a bit of it wasted.”


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Trophy Taker Outdoors and Adventures Archery present the Ferman Chevy Florida Archery Slam Tournament Series. The Series begins with the Bonefish Grill Freshwater Bowfishing Challenge April 26th. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes.  The event benefits the Women’s Resource Center. Stay for an on-site Archery Tournament, Fish Fry and tons of fun for the whole family at Adventures Archery under the Selmon Expressway at US Hwy 301.  Listen to Trophy Taker Outdoors for details or visit for more info.


The Ferman Florida Archery Slam

The Bonefish Grill Spring Freshwater Challenge


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-Estimated cash and prize awards for event: $10,000.00.

-The overall Grand Prize for the Series includes an all expense paid bowhunting trip to South Africa.

-The 2nd Prize is a Kansas Whitetail Hunt. Additional prizes to be announced.


All Events conducted out of:

Adventures Archery, LLC.

2210 S US 301, Ste. 200

Tampa, Florida 33619.

Tournament Rules:


All entries are validated through texted pictures sent at time of harvest to provided number with participants wearing provided shirts.


Individual and team participants must bring and donate fish entries to Adventures Archery for weigh in, donation and/or fish fry.


A complete copy of rules and regulations will be provided to all participants at the mandatory captain’s meeting on April 24th.



Tournament Weigh In, door prizes, Fish fry, BBQ, kids events and an outdoor archery challenge.

Trophy Taker Outdoors will be broadcasting from the event as well as invited news media.


Video your bow kills from each event and submit clips for the chance to be included on Adventures Archery's DVD series.                                                               














When: Saturday, April 26, 2014

10:00 am till 5:00 pm


Where: Adventures Archery, LLC

2210 S US 301, Ste. 200

Tampa, Florida 33619



Mandatory Captains Meeting

Thursday, April 24th @ 6pm

-Cover all rules and procedures

-Pick up tournament bags/tee shirt

-Giveaways and Door Prizes



10am till 5pm

Weigh In:

11am till 3pm




CBA Membership Fees: (Per Year)

Individual: $30 Family: $50 Junior: $15





Junior (Under 12)



Youth (16-14)



Individual Adult



Team (2 Shooters)





2014 Florida Slam Events


Spring Freshwater Challenge  (Tilapia, Gar and Mudfish) - April 26, 2014

Big Boar Bash - May 13, 2014

Red Hot Saltwater Slam (Mullet, Ray and Sheepshead) - July TBA

Dinosaur (Alligator) Tug - Aug TBA

Big Buck Blowout  - November TBA

There will be prizes for separate categories including kids (under 15), individual men’s, women’s and team entries.



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Robin Howell

Randy Howell


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Rare Albino Blue Marlin Caught and Released Near Costa Rica


Anglers and crew fishing off Costa Rica on Tuesday were astonished to discover that a large marlin they hooked and landed was completely white.

The extremely rare catch of an albino blue marlin was made aboard the Spanish Fly, a 43-foot yacht that runs from Maverick Sportfishing out of Los Suenos, on the Central American country’s Pacific side. (It could be that the marlin was leucistic, not a true albino, but just about everyone has been referring to the billfish as a true or partial albino.)

The boat was captained by Juan Carlos Fallas Zamora, with mates Carlos Pollo Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Chelato Salinas Hernandez. The clients were Bob and Karen Weaver, from New York. Karen reeled the billfish to leader after a 90-minute fight, after which it was carefully released by the crew.


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Randy Howell 

Bassmaster Elite Pro, Randy Howell, began hauling in huge Lake Guntersville bass only minutes into the final round of the GEICO Bassmaster Classic. He lost track of how many fish he culled, but at one point, he was trading 4- and 5-pounders for even larger fish. When he brought his five bass to the scales, they weighed 29.2 pounds, with the largest going 7.3 pounds, bumping his three-day weight up to 67.8 pounds. “I don’t even know if I’m going to win, but it doesn’t matter,” Howell said before all the 25 finalists came to the scales. “It was the best day I’ve ever had in 21 years of professional bass fishing, a day of a lifetime.” However, at the end of the day, he was the 2014 Bassmaster Classic champ, cashing a check for $300,000. “I’ve had this dream so many times, and it’s happening now. I can’t believe I won the Bassmaster Classic. I don’t win tournaments very often,” said Howell as he was announced the winner, becoming only the second angler to win the Classic in his home state. His win at the Northern Open earned him the spot in this year’s Classic. Howell repeatedly used the words “perfect” and “effortless” to describe his day on Lake Guntersville. “I caught my first one on my second or third cast,” he said. “I caught one almost every cast or two and had a limit in the first 10 or 15 minutes. It was quick. It would have been quicker if I hadn’t had to stop and retie every time because of the rocks.” The rocks were the riprap up against a causeway bridge on Spring Creek. That early flurry included releasing eight 4-pounders. Howell spent most of his time on the riprap. He moved only once, going farther back into the creek to a grassy area. The move yielded a 6-pounder and allowed him to cull a 4-pounder. He then motored back to the riprap. His largest weighed 7.3 pounds. It was his fourth bass of the day and the one that told him going to Spring Creek was the right decision. His go-to lures included a Livingston Lures Pro Series model still under development. Not yet available to the public, it is a medium diver in a crawfish color. He also used a Rapala DT6 crankbait in the “demon” crawfish color, plus a Yamamoto bladed jig. “I went out this morning believing I could win,” Howell said. “That’s the weirdest thing. Typically, I would never be in 11th place and 9 pounds back and think I had a chance to win. But for some reason I had the feeling I could win on Spring Creek — that something big would happen there.”


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